I am going on vacation

I am leaving tomorow for 2 weeks! I’ll be back in 2 weeks with fresh news from the fashion industry.SO……. Don’t wear anything i wouldn’t wear, and behave like good little boys and girls ūüôā . See you soon!


Common make up mistakes

Since we were little girls we dreamed about the day we would start using make up. I personaly was fascinated with my mom’s little magic boxes ( and her high heels, and her clothes , and i totaly destroyed her wedding dress to make clothes for my barbie). And then….i think i was about 14 years old, the magic moment arrived…. i had my own magic boxes. And from that point on the mistakes started¬† pouring. But , practice makes perfect , and i am happy i am past the time in my life when i took me one hour to apply my make up. What worries me is the fact that i saw women still making those mistakes after years and years of practice. So here is what i think a woman should not do in terms of make up :

Mistake no.1 The Foundation

Рthe worst thing  you can do when  applying foundation ( and i saw alot of  this hapenning) is using too much. Using too much foundation will not cover your imperfections better,but it  will make your face look like a mask.

-another common mistake when it comes to foundation is using the wrong shade. A lighter shade will make look pale like you’ve been sick and a darker shade is just simply out of place ( trust me , you can achieve the summer glow in other ways).

– don’t forget to apply foundation on the neck and cleavage too. Even if you don’t see the difference trust me it’s there, and the natural light will only make it worst.

Mistake no.2 The Eyeliner

– never use too much of it , especialy black eyeliner. If¬† you use black eyeliner for both your upper and lower lid , after a certain age it will only make you look older.¬†Also let’s keep the black just for evening ,shall we?

Mistake no.3 The Eyeshadow

-the eyeshadow will always gather in the crease of your eyelids if it is not applied corectly or if its quality is poor. If you suspect that upgrade it a bit. I know make up can be expensive but consider it as an investment.

-never use dark shades for your day make up! EVER!

Mistake no.4 The Blush

– of course we all want rosy cheeck, but do we also want to look like porcelain dolls?!? Because that is exactly the look we will achieve if we use too much blush. ( i’ve seen alot of this hapenning , and i personaly think it will make you look like a very old woman , the kind that has alot of cats and uses very red lipstick)

Mistake no.5 The Mascara

– using too much mascara will only make your lashes stick toghether and make them look like a spider web. Always , and i mean ALWAYS, use only one layer of mascara for your day make and just 2 layers for the evening.bad make up 1

Here there are all of them rolled into one great specimen:

– too much black eyeliner

-bad choice of colors for the eyeshadow

-spider web lashes

– red lipstick ( if the look you want to create will focus on your eyes , don’t pump up your lips¬† to match like in this here example)

– bleah i hate that blush

I am pretty sure there are alot of other mistakes women do ( come to think of it there are tons of other examples), but try as mush as you can to keep it nice and tasteful. You don’t want to look these days like a parisian whore¬† prostitute ūüôā .

Smokey eyes for dummies…

I  used to linger,and linger and linger over this type of make up that i loved , but i never seemed to get it right.  But after years of practice i managed to achieve the incredible smokey eyes i was so desperate to obtain. So here are the basic steps to the incredible smokey eyes make-up.

1. Preparing your skin. We all know the first rule for a perfect make -up clean and hydrated skin. So start by cleaning your skin and use your favourite moisturizer especialy around your eyes ( use circular moves to apply it). Then apply some foundation on your upper lid¬† and use an neutral eye shadow to cover it ( “peach” is a good choice). This will make a very good base for your make up (any make up smokey or not).

2. Applying the eye liner. Use the eye liner the same color as the eye shadow you are planning to use ( for ex. if u want black eye shadow use a black liner). Experts recomand just a few colors for the eye shadow : black , grey, brown, purple or green ( make sure they are all dark). Start using your eye liner from the inner corner and work your way to the outer corner . Use a little liner on your lower lid too. Then, use a clean brush to smudge it.

3. The eye shadow. You will need 2 eye shadows , a dark color and a lighter one. Start by using the dark color and draw a line to cover the liner,on the inner and outer cornners and on the crease. Apply then the lighter color on the lid on the area where you didn’t use the dark color,and also above the crease. Make sure the colors blend in nicely ( that is the golden secret for smokey eyes). Apply the neutral eye shadow ( the one you used for the base) just under the eyebrow line¬† to soften the dark colors.

4.Last but not least ..mascara. Curve your lashes and apply mascara, but make sure you don’t use it to much(2 layers is more than enough). You can also use some fake lashes in the outer corner of your eyes.

That’s it! Trust me it is quite easy once you get the hang of it.¬† And remember smokey eyes is a make up that focuses on your eyes , do not ruin it by using a red lipstick. A clear gloss it is more than enough, let your eyes do all the talking!smokey 1smokey 2smokey 4

My fetish for shoes

I am inlove with a pair of shoes! My husband hates me for this and called me shallow….Hmm, who gives a crap if he thinks that?!?!? We live in a free country he is entitled to an opinion. But that doesn’t change the situation,i dream about them every day and night , at work in the car, in the bathroom …everywhere!
These are the “inglorious basterds”emanuel ungaroemanuel ungaro 2emanuel ungaro3emanuel ungaro 4






I don’t think i have ever wished for something more in my life! A funny fact though is that these shoes are an Ungaro design. Clearly they are pre Lindsay Lohan ! Oh, and by the way, i saw her mom on tv the other day and she looks 10 times more beautiful and more¬† stylish than her daughter. Bad, Bad , Lindsay!

While i¬†stay here drooling over them ( i have the picture on my desktop ūüôā ), i am sure i will come up with some ideea to get the money to buy them. I have to!¬† And please don’t think i am crazy….i just have issues! And a fetish for shoes, and skirts, and dresses, and bags, and ………

Fall trend :Glam Rock

One of my favourite trends is back instyle! Glam rock! As i am a natural born rocker( long live Rammstein, they rule!) i simply love what is coming to us this fall. You can play with it and adapt it in any kind you want for every aspect of the day ( i wonder if they designed the glam rock pijamas yet?).

Rock the office!
Rock the office

Go out at night!

sexy chic
Or, i would totaly attend a party dressed like this! 
Glam rock party
You will feel like the ultimate glamazone wearing these outfits. You just need to dare and play a little with the looks , you’ll find¬† an infinite of choices for you to style. Meanwhile i¬†am still¬† waiting for those pijamas….


In 2 weeks from now i am going on vacation. I am going on a cruise to be exact. First cruise of my life, so naturaly here comes my dilemma: what the hell am i going to pack?!? ( i don’t care about my husband, he must deal with his own¬†luggage, i don’t have time to think of him now,i must focus on myself ūüôā Sorry baby!¬†). So after days of long meditation on the subject , i reached a conclusion: i have to pack light! ( like that will ever happen)…

So first things first:

Swimmwear – always pack at least 2 pairs of bikinibikini 1bikini 2bikini 3bikini 4bikini 5





Shorts – you will need shorts for daytime , and only for the pool area or when you visist towns. Remember if you will visit arabian countries during your cruise , women should wear long trousers for the trips to shore.shorts 1shorts 2shorts 3shorts 4

You must also pack t-shirts, sweatshirts and a light jacket , because when the ship will be at sea it will get very windy. Also depends alot of the period when you are taking the cruise and where (for example mediterranian wheather tends to get chilly in the morning and evening,in october and november).

Formal gowns- with the formal wear is a bit tricky. You must ask your travel agent about the dress code of the cruise company, because there are companies like the Norwegian cruise Line¬† that has a free style cruising policy¬† and so formal¬† wear is not¬† mandatory.¬†But i would pack a nice cocktail dress and high heels just to be sure. If the cruise line you’re traveling with does have a dress code then you need the big guns ( aka gowns).rochie 1rochie 2rochie 3rochie 4rochie 5rochie 6





Beautiful gownsgown 1gown 2gown 3gown 4gown 5gown 6

Katie Holmes’s new found glamour

Oops, Katie did it again!¬† Katie we all know you’re going through a “i don’t know who the hell i am anymore”¬†crisis, but seriously, what’s up with that hat?!?!? (i think we can call it a hat)¬† Is your wardrobe depressed too, or is this the maximum glamour scientology permits? Honestly Katie, you’re a Holywood diva, mother of a beautiful baby girl,and most important wife of the ” Cruise”,where is the fabulous style you should display? awful-katie-holmes-fashion_552x776celebrity-fashion-most-wanted_552x7393A4ABDE7-A54A-1F75-DE5ACF18AD54F45C¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

I don’t know what’s worst the fact that you own it or that you¬†wore it more then once?!?¬† Carefull mommy Cruise, if your daughter looks more stylish than you , but she is only three years old, it can’t be good news!article-1093406-02C12CA6000005DC-332_468x629

I am pround to announce…

That, an this brings me alot of happyness, a romanian designer entered fashion’s hall of fame, and was invited¬†for a¬†show during Paris fahion week. Good Job, Ingrid! It was about time somebody recognized Romania’s talented designers. 80020b3e05e4d53440bedfa4832c8b52

Ingrid Vlasov is the only romanian designer ever to be invited by Chambre Syndicale De La Haute Couture , to participate at such an event.( the designer is the one on the left). I hope more Romanian designers will be given the opportunity.

Good old clean FUN!

I thought since i am already in a grumpy extremly critical and judgemental state of mind  we could have some fun with the huge mistakes celebrities do every once in a while.

So … the nominees¬† are:

lucyiu1REX2401_923x1000Lucy Liu-¬† This is actually fresh from the Paris Fashion Week. Miss Liu appeared in this stunning gown for the Valentino show!¬† WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!?!? I am pretty sure the marshmallow coat? sleeves? cape? cloak?¬†made an impression! Valentino himself was green with envy ! “How come i didn’t think of that ?!?!?” he declared¬† to some really close friends. Hey Lucy, maybe u can pass it on to Harry Potter¬†because i heard he is looking for a Not -so-invisible-cloak!

fashion-disaster carryThe one and only….”Carrie Bradshaw”.¬†¬† That’s it! I got! Sorry readers , i misleaded you! I was just informed that the marshmallow is the new must have for fall/winter 2010. Come to think of it, it is a practical trend. While it can be used as a fancy accssesory,giving you the puffy look you’ve always dreamed of, it can also satisfy your instant need for sweets!madonna-louis-vuitton-met-gala-2009-3

We all love Madonna! We love her music and recognize her as the Queen of Pop ( she truly is). But what the hell was she thinking?!?!?!?!¬† I don’t think my 5 year old niece would wear that dress. Oh ..but i love the blue hair thingy..whatever that is. It has that, i wanted to look like a bunny but all they had left were this alien looking ears, kinda look. I think they will make a very interesting¬† X-File¬† for Fox Mulder, don’t you?gallery_main-lindsay-lohan-boots-soho-08212009-13

Well, if it isn’t my good old friend Lindsay Lohan! Love her outfit! As a matter of fact, i am green with envy, because i too wake up everyday with a thought ” how can look like a cracked up whore today”, but i never quite manage to obtain the look. EVER! I’m getting a bit frustrated. I think i will give her a call for some advise…maybe she can even give me that fabulous pair of white boots?!? In your face Jack Sparrow!

Not to be messed with today

Today is just one of those days when i just don’t wanna get up! Like a song that i love used to say “is just one of those days/when you don’t wanna wake up/ everything is fucked/ everybody sucks” -Limp Bizkit ” Break stuff”.

I couldn’t care less about trends today or fashion in general. The only outfit that dwells in my mind is this :pijais

What ca i say…they are really stylish pijamas. And trust me when i say those slippers…. Jimmy Choo obviously!!!!

And the worst part?!?!?!? I am at the office right now ! ūüė¶