The fabulous “BANG”

   At the beggining  of times there was the Big Bang ( or so some say)! The”BB” created the miracle that is our beautiful raging planet, the one we like to call HOME ( and don’t cherish very much). The world as we know it , with all its contrasts ( good and evil, beautiful and ugly ) has offered the perfect environment for us to evolve and prosper…. And we did!   But what was not said is that the seed of pure evil dwelled among us  from the beggining of times , spreading more  and more , from ancient times to the present day, never stopping, always growing ,until it got a hold of the whole planet! No… it is not the global economy , neither politics.. It’s the FASHION INDUSTRY( whom i’ve affectionately called ” The DEMON”)! A demon we learned to face every day.Using an infinite sellection of weapons (shoes,dresses, skirts , jackets, etc.) and various means of propaganda ( Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Elle , etc.) this demon will try to possess every single one of us! And let’s face it ladies, WE LOVE IT! We like being possessed! We like what it is doing to us( body and spirit)! We must not fight it. We must learned to control it! To find that perfect harmony , or the perfect outfit, so that the demon and us can coexist.

     Welcome ladies to my Colosseum, where all the fashion battles are taken , where some may survive or even be spared, but where most will not live to see the next fall collection!  Let the fashion wars begin!


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