The genious of Elie Saab

I was cruising the net the other day looking for… i don’t know what i was looking for, and stumbeled upon the picture of a dress that absolutely took my breath away. elie saab

I was not surprised when i noticed that it was an Elie Saab design. The man is simply genious! I love his designs so much , i am starting to hate him…

For those who don’t know , ES is a Lebanese fashion designer . The thing that struck me the most is that everything he knows is self-trained. He satrted his own label at the age of 18 in Beirut. Another interesting fact is that he is the first non Italian designer to become a member of the Camera Nazionale della Moda in 1997.

He bacame on overnight success after he bacame the first Lebanese designer to dress an Oscar winner.And i think all you fashionistas out there can remeber Halle Berry and her burgundy gown.halle-berry_l

The collection that struck me the most was the one called “The sun of Lebanon”. The stunning spring/summer 2007 collection was inspired by the golden sun that shined upon Lebanon, while the country was at war. The collection was entirely redesigned after ES returned from a trip to Beirut during those troubled times. The designer totaly ignored the black and white trends pesented on catwalks in Milan , New York and Paris and presented all the evening gowns in gold, as an homage for the sun that shines over Beirut.Elie%20Saab%20Couture%20SS%202009FRANCE FASHIONarticle_12833

Still considered to be “the new kid on the block” in the haute couture industry, Elie Saab  never fails to deliver collections that flatter the female body , taking  femininity to a whole new level of perfection. Favored by Holywood royalty, celebrities like Beyonce, Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie  etc. wore his designs at A-list events. aishwara_rai_in_elie_saabangelina_jolie_brad_pitt_1beyonceatgrammy092108_marcia_200X400





Now please allow me to continue dreaming of this gowns , as for the moment i cannot afford one ( i don’t really think i’ll have where to wear it, but i do wish for such a creation *note to Santa*),and if some of you have in your closet a piece like this….oh well….i hate you!


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