Good old clean FUN!

I thought since i am already in a grumpy extremly critical and judgemental state of mind  we could have some fun with the huge mistakes celebrities do every once in a while.

So … the nominees  are:

lucyiu1REX2401_923x1000Lucy Liu-  This is actually fresh from the Paris Fashion Week. Miss Liu appeared in this stunning gown for the Valentino show!  WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!?!? I am pretty sure the marshmallow coat? sleeves? cape? cloak? made an impression! Valentino himself was green with envy ! “How come i didn’t think of that ?!?!?” he declared  to some really close friends. Hey Lucy, maybe u can pass it on to Harry Potter because i heard he is looking for a Not -so-invisible-cloak!

fashion-disaster carryThe one and only….”Carrie Bradshaw”.   That’s it! I got! Sorry readers , i misleaded you! I was just informed that the marshmallow is the new must have for fall/winter 2010. Come to think of it, it is a practical trend. While it can be used as a fancy accssesory,giving you the puffy look you’ve always dreamed of, it can also satisfy your instant need for sweets!madonna-louis-vuitton-met-gala-2009-3

We all love Madonna! We love her music and recognize her as the Queen of Pop ( she truly is). But what the hell was she thinking?!?!?!?!  I don’t think my 5 year old niece would wear that dress. Oh ..but i love the blue hair thingy..whatever that is. It has that, i wanted to look like a bunny but all they had left were this alien looking ears, kinda look. I think they will make a very interesting  X-File  for Fox Mulder, don’t you?gallery_main-lindsay-lohan-boots-soho-08212009-13

Well, if it isn’t my good old friend Lindsay Lohan! Love her outfit! As a matter of fact, i am green with envy, because i too wake up everyday with a thought ” how can look like a cracked up whore today”, but i never quite manage to obtain the look. EVER! I’m getting a bit frustrated. I think i will give her a call for some advise…maybe she can even give me that fabulous pair of white boots?!? In your face Jack Sparrow!


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