Katie Holmes’s new found glamour

Oops, Katie did it again!  Katie we all know you’re going through a “i don’t know who the hell i am anymore” crisis, but seriously, what’s up with that hat?!?!? (i think we can call it a hat)  Is your wardrobe depressed too, or is this the maximum glamour scientology permits? Honestly Katie, you’re a Holywood diva, mother of a beautiful baby girl,and most important wife of the ” Cruise”,where is the fabulous style you should display? awful-katie-holmes-fashion_552x776celebrity-fashion-most-wanted_552x7393A4ABDE7-A54A-1F75-DE5ACF18AD54F45C                                             

I don’t know what’s worst the fact that you own it or that you wore it more then once?!?  Carefull mommy Cruise, if your daughter looks more stylish than you , but she is only three years old, it can’t be good news!article-1093406-02C12CA6000005DC-332_468x629


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