In 2 weeks from now i am going on vacation. I am going on a cruise to be exact. First cruise of my life, so naturaly here comes my dilemma: what the hell am i going to pack?!? ( i don’t care about my husband, he must deal with his own luggage, i don’t have time to think of him now,i must focus on myself 🙂 Sorry baby! ). So after days of long meditation on the subject , i reached a conclusion: i have to pack light! ( like that will ever happen)…

So first things first:

Swimmwear – always pack at least 2 pairs of bikinibikini 1bikini 2bikini 3bikini 4bikini 5





Shorts – you will need shorts for daytime , and only for the pool area or when you visist towns. Remember if you will visit arabian countries during your cruise , women should wear long trousers for the trips to shore.shorts 1shorts 2shorts 3shorts 4

You must also pack t-shirts, sweatshirts and a light jacket , because when the ship will be at sea it will get very windy. Also depends alot of the period when you are taking the cruise and where (for example mediterranian wheather tends to get chilly in the morning and evening,in october and november).

Formal gowns- with the formal wear is a bit tricky. You must ask your travel agent about the dress code of the cruise company, because there are companies like the Norwegian cruise Line  that has a free style cruising policy  and so formal  wear is not  mandatory. But i would pack a nice cocktail dress and high heels just to be sure. If the cruise line you’re traveling with does have a dress code then you need the big guns ( aka gowns).rochie 1rochie 2rochie 3rochie 4rochie 5rochie 6





Beautiful gownsgown 1gown 2gown 3gown 4gown 5gown 6


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