My fetish for shoes

I am inlove with a pair of shoes! My husband hates me for this and called me shallow….Hmm, who gives a crap if he thinks that?!?!? We live in a free country he is entitled to an opinion. But that doesn’t change the situation,i dream about them every day and night , at work in the car, in the bathroom …everywhere!
These are the “inglorious basterds”emanuel ungaroemanuel ungaro 2emanuel ungaro3emanuel ungaro 4






I don’t think i have ever wished for something more in my life! A funny fact though is that these shoes are an Ungaro design. Clearly they are pre Lindsay Lohan ! Oh, and by the way, i saw her mom on tv the other day and she looks 10 times more beautiful and more  stylish than her daughter. Bad, Bad , Lindsay!

While i stay here drooling over them ( i have the picture on my desktop 🙂 ), i am sure i will come up with some ideea to get the money to buy them. I have to!  And please don’t think i am crazy….i just have issues! And a fetish for shoes, and skirts, and dresses, and bags, and ………


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