Smokey eyes for dummies…

I  used to linger,and linger and linger over this type of make up that i loved , but i never seemed to get it right.  But after years of practice i managed to achieve the incredible smokey eyes i was so desperate to obtain. So here are the basic steps to the incredible smokey eyes make-up.

1. Preparing your skin. We all know the first rule for a perfect make -up clean and hydrated skin. So start by cleaning your skin and use your favourite moisturizer especialy around your eyes ( use circular moves to apply it). Then apply some foundation on your upper lid  and use an neutral eye shadow to cover it ( “peach” is a good choice). This will make a very good base for your make up (any make up smokey or not).

2. Applying the eye liner. Use the eye liner the same color as the eye shadow you are planning to use ( for ex. if u want black eye shadow use a black liner). Experts recomand just a few colors for the eye shadow : black , grey, brown, purple or green ( make sure they are all dark). Start using your eye liner from the inner corner and work your way to the outer corner . Use a little liner on your lower lid too. Then, use a clean brush to smudge it.

3. The eye shadow. You will need 2 eye shadows , a dark color and a lighter one. Start by using the dark color and draw a line to cover the liner,on the inner and outer cornners and on the crease. Apply then the lighter color on the lid on the area where you didn’t use the dark color,and also above the crease. Make sure the colors blend in nicely ( that is the golden secret for smokey eyes). Apply the neutral eye shadow ( the one you used for the base) just under the eyebrow line  to soften the dark colors.

4.Last but not least ..mascara. Curve your lashes and apply mascara, but make sure you don’t use it to much(2 layers is more than enough). You can also use some fake lashes in the outer corner of your eyes.

That’s it! Trust me it is quite easy once you get the hang of it.  And remember smokey eyes is a make up that focuses on your eyes , do not ruin it by using a red lipstick. A clear gloss it is more than enough, let your eyes do all the talking!smokey 1smokey 2smokey 4


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