Common make up mistakes

Since we were little girls we dreamed about the day we would start using make up. I personaly was fascinated with my mom’s little magic boxes ( and her high heels, and her clothes , and i totaly destroyed her wedding dress to make clothes for my barbie). And then….i think i was about 14 years old, the magic moment arrived…. i had my own magic boxes. And from that point on the mistakes started  pouring. But , practice makes perfect , and i am happy i am past the time in my life when i took me one hour to apply my make up. What worries me is the fact that i saw women still making those mistakes after years and years of practice. So here is what i think a woman should not do in terms of make up :

Mistake no.1 The Foundation

– the worst thing  you can do when  applying foundation ( and i saw alot of  this hapenning) is using too much. Using too much foundation will not cover your imperfections better,but it  will make your face look like a mask.

-another common mistake when it comes to foundation is using the wrong shade. A lighter shade will make look pale like you’ve been sick and a darker shade is just simply out of place ( trust me , you can achieve the summer glow in other ways).

– don’t forget to apply foundation on the neck and cleavage too. Even if you don’t see the difference trust me it’s there, and the natural light will only make it worst.

Mistake no.2 The Eyeliner

– never use too much of it , especialy black eyeliner. If  you use black eyeliner for both your upper and lower lid , after a certain age it will only make you look older. Also let’s keep the black just for evening ,shall we?

Mistake no.3 The Eyeshadow

-the eyeshadow will always gather in the crease of your eyelids if it is not applied corectly or if its quality is poor. If you suspect that upgrade it a bit. I know make up can be expensive but consider it as an investment.

-never use dark shades for your day make up! EVER!

Mistake no.4 The Blush

– of course we all want rosy cheeck, but do we also want to look like porcelain dolls?!? Because that is exactly the look we will achieve if we use too much blush. ( i’ve seen alot of this hapenning , and i personaly think it will make you look like a very old woman , the kind that has alot of cats and uses very red lipstick)

Mistake no.5 The Mascara

– using too much mascara will only make your lashes stick toghether and make them look like a spider web. Always , and i mean ALWAYS, use only one layer of mascara for your day make and just 2 layers for the evening.bad make up 1

Here there are all of them rolled into one great specimen:

– too much black eyeliner

-bad choice of colors for the eyeshadow

-spider web lashes

– red lipstick ( if the look you want to create will focus on your eyes , don’t pump up your lips  to match like in this here example)

– bleah i hate that blush

I am pretty sure there are alot of other mistakes women do ( come to think of it there are tons of other examples), but try as mush as you can to keep it nice and tasteful. You don’t want to look these days like a parisian whore  prostitute 🙂 .


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