To be or not to be …. a vampire

I decided to let you guys know what burts my bubble lately : the whole Twilight  teenage mania. I am so sick and tired of it!  I mean what happened  to Anne Rice and Lestat?!?!?  These are the real vampire stories! Further more, in my country  vampires have an important place in history legends and folklore. And trust me when i say they have nothing to do with the emo, girly , pussyfied Edward! And come on let’s be serious , are they really expect me to believe that women out there prefere Rob Pattinson ( Edward) over Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in “Interview with a vampire”  or over Stuart Townsend in “Queen of the damned”?!?!?  Bloody hell!!!!  I mean if i will eventualy get bitten at least let it be from a sexy, seductive, extremly charming  ( Brad Pitt) vampire. If Edward would try and bite me, i would kick him and his entire family’s ass before that happens!  As for Lestat….. let’s just put it this way, i would volunteer!

Enough bitching around! They recently had the Twilight New Moon  Premiere in Los Angeles. On the red carpet , the guys were  far more interesting to watch than the female stars.

Taylor Launter – altough he admitted he had professional help in choosing his outfit , i gotta give him an A+. The blue Calvin Klein suit fits him perfectly. And i think Calvin Klein already started a new trend with the dark blue mens suit collection. I also love the fact that he’s wearing a tie rather than a bow. I hate bows !

Our very own star Rob Pattinson. I like the fact that he went for a grey suit. As much as i love the traditional black , the Twilight actors are very young  and the blue/ grey suits were a very good choice for them.





 Ah.. Bella…  Bella , Bella, Bella… I know you said on several ocasions that you love  jeans and t- shirts, but what the hell is this?!?! Haven’t you learned anything  from your Haprer’s Bazaar photo shoot?!?!?!  Sure the Oscar de la Renta gown is very nice , but in this case was a very unfortunate choice. Apart from this the hair is a disaster, no accesories…. emo make-up.. this is just bad!

Ashley Greene- Although i think this gown is more appropriate for the Oscars or the Grammys , i would still give her an A+. The ” famme fatale” look fits her perfectly.

Dakota Fanning in Valentino. No comment!

 The general ideea is that it wasn’t a fashion disaster. I’ve seen better , but i’ve also seen worse.In other news, i recently heard rummors about the fact that People Magazine should have chosen Rob Pattinson as the sexiest man alive in stead of Jonny Depp. If they want to start a war about who’s sexier Edward Cullen or Jack Sparrow , believe me i will be the one to lead Jonny’s army into battle!  

All this being said i have a small present for dear vampire Edward Cullen ( my dog has a bigger chance of  biting me). This little song i found on you tube is just for you darling… enjoy!


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