Oh… i was waiting for Rihanna  for a really long time! And here she is!! All those who know me , can testify that i am not her biggest fan…. The diva , because that is the look she adopted lately, likes to dare alot when it comes to style, hair and make-up. This is not a bad thing at all, and sometimes even pays off…. but just sometimes…

At the NRJ Awards in France she displayed a….. something…

The Jean Paul Gaultier ” dress” , it’s a mix of i can now safely identify  as a shimmering, metalic  fabric, and  something that looks like it was knitted by my 80 year old grandma.Or in this case Jean Paul Gaultier’s 80 year old grandma.

As for the ever changing hair…..  The mop look she had in France … Bleah!! It will make a nice toy for my cats though!

Rihanna  darling, you’re in France!!!Show some respect for what France really stands for in the fashion industry!  My God, woman!!!  Coco will roll over in her grave!!!

So.. a piece of advice.. Rihanna girl, you defenetly need to take this style into “rehab”, because baby it’s a disease!

PS: Screech this is especialy for you! Enjoy!


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