Trends Gone Bad !!!

One of the things i love the most in the world is to read while in the bathtub: anything from fashion magazines to novels to scientific publications. Yesterday , as i was enjoying  such a bath that would make even Cleopatra jealous, my happiness was rudely interrupted by an article in a fashion magazine ( i won’t give the name) that was two pages long and stated that the latest trend for spring / summer 2010 is “Twilight Grunge”. I think i almost drowned in my own  bathtub!!

Twilight Grunge…..  So..let me see if i got this straight: the clothes we use when we stay in the house because you don’t wanna see or be seen , the clothes we use when we are so depressed we don’t care what we put on and just open the closet and whatever falls in our hands is good, these clothes that i personaly hate , but i use from time to time,  now have a name … even more.. they are a trend..

OH..MY… GOD!!!!  Sure i really do wanna look like this every day for the next 6 or 7 months!

The fact is that secretly every woman i know wants to look like a crazy emo cracked-up whore ( me included)!

The sad part is that i actualy know a girl who dresses like this everyday , it is kind of close to me and it is disturbing for my fashion senses. Hurts my eyes when i see her!

Seriously  ladies, is this how be want to be seen in public?!?!?  What happened to our values when it comes to style? What do the great designers of this world work for ?!?!  What happened to the fashion magazines that used to give good advice?!?!? 

It is no secret that i hate Twilight ! But now… they really crossed the line as far as i am concerned ! Ok, i was ok with the whole ” Oh Edward ” mania, i was ok ( not really) with the vampire pussyfication , i think i finaly got over the fact that some fucking teenagers can have so much drama in their life (instead of having fun by playing world of warcraft and guitar hero till they drop), but the fact that Twilight is now a fashion trend  i just can’t get over !!!  

PS: Message for the fashion magazines!! If by any chance some editor reads this , i have something to tell them! Stop selling us crap in your publications! And please, stop ruinning my relaxing , luxurious baths  because of some incompetent fashion editor that has no ideea what the hell he’s talking about  ! 

Man! I picked the wrong day to quit smoking!!!!  By the way , ladies if you want to see art at its best when it comes to fashion , look for the Armani collection presented during Paris Fashion Week!


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