The perfect wedding gown

It is said that when you will put on the dress you want you will know. It is entirely true! I had my wedding last year , and the moment i tried on my greek godess dress i knew that was it.

Today as i was browsing around some sites i nearly fell of my chair when i came across this picture:

I find this dress to be  close to perfection ( i would take away the lace sleeves).  I would do the wedding all over again just for this dress.

I think it would make a great evening gown too , if it were in a dark purple or dark red.

I have no ideea who made it ,or how much it costs, but i bet it is expensive ( i will however try to find out).

Another thing.. no veil for this dress! I would wear just a simple  tiara , small earings , gloves and  a bracelet. That’s it! Anything more and you would fall down on a sleepery slide towords ridiculous ( there’s too much going on already on your neck and shoulders).

Hmm i am starting to think i got married a year too soon. 🙂

I will post pictures of my wedding dress too , later this evening.