To be or not to be a bridezilla?

Who the hell invented this horrific term i do not know, but i really really wanna forget about it. I know that brides all over the world have a say in this, but really…?!? You girls like to be called that? Do you really wanna be a bridezilla? I’ll tell you this much: by behaving like a crazy” biatch” you will not only annoy everybody around you, but you’ll miss the whole thing. You will miss the magic that is planning a wedding. Why not enjoy looking for a dress? It’s fun, it’s girly, it’s magic, it’s what you’ve always been dreaming about since you found out that someday you’ll be a bride. Do you really want to ruin that experience?!? For most of us it will happen only once. A once in a lifetime opportunity! So my dear bridezillas: stop it! The wedding will be planned exactly like YOU wish, the dress will be the one YOU want, and the whole day will be entirely for you so start smiling, it will not only help you but also it will make the planning alot more fun!

So, what do you say we look at some trends for 2011?  There are gorgeous styles waiting for you in bridal boutiques.

The princess- The ball gown is making a comeback this year. So if you either love the clasics or would like to add a little edge to your dress, the princess is the look to go for this year.

Classic ball gown

The mermaid/trumpet dress. This is one of my favourite styles and we can find so many beautiful dresses in this cut. The mermaid dress best fits a tall slender figure, as oppossed to the trumpet cut that will make you look taller. So if you are a petit girl the trumpet is the style for you.

The Empire cut- this is by far my favourite wedding gown style and it fits any kind of figure. They are usually made out of chiffon or silk and it floats beautifully around your body when you move. They are not heavy dresses and are comfortable and easy to wear. The empire is perfect for the greek godess look.

And now i would very much like to present to you the best dress i’ve seen so far this season… and the winner is…

This goes out to all brides to be : there is a style for every single one of you out there! So hit the stores, start trying on dresses and  you will find the one that fits you perfectly and that’s the moment you’ll say “this is my dres”. Enjoy, you are a bride now!


The perfect wedding gown

It is said that when you will put on the dress you want you will know. It is entirely true! I had my wedding last year , and the moment i tried on my greek godess dress i knew that was it.

Today as i was browsing around some sites i nearly fell of my chair when i came across this picture:

I find this dress to be  close to perfection ( i would take away the lace sleeves).  I would do the wedding all over again just for this dress.

I think it would make a great evening gown too , if it were in a dark purple or dark red.

I have no ideea who made it ,or how much it costs, but i bet it is expensive ( i will however try to find out).

Another thing.. no veil for this dress! I would wear just a simple  tiara , small earings , gloves and  a bracelet. That’s it! Anything more and you would fall down on a sleepery slide towords ridiculous ( there’s too much going on already on your neck and shoulders).

Hmm i am starting to think i got married a year too soon. 🙂

I will post pictures of my wedding dress too , later this evening.

Goddess vs Princess

We were born dreaming of the day,the one day in our life , when after the long dating war we fought , a knight in shinning armour will rise and put an end to our immense struggle, making honest women out of us ( like my grandma used to say). And so our fairytale begins!  This story will have only one chapter because as soon as the planning will start the whole thing will become a huge nightmare( been there done that, got the t-shirt). The location is taken, the florist doesn’t understand that you only want pastel, the bridesmaids don’t like the dresses…and so on and so forth. The only thing you ar sure of is your dress. Ahh…the dress… you know it , you’ve seen it in your dreams since you were 2 years old( barbie had one just like it)!

barbie dress

Has it ever occurred to you that you might be making a mistake?!?! Did you really stopped and asked yourself if you want the same dress you wanted when you were 2  now that you are in your twenties? There are many , and i mean many styles to consider.

The greek goddess look  , for example , was one that cought my eye this year (and it will be a hot trend for 2010 too). The style will offer you an infinite of choices, starting with your dress and finishing with all the accessories a bride needs.


grecian-wedding-gowns greek spring-2009-wedding-dress--4-714719

The Shoes


The Tiara or other hair accessories

1051_1 24445-s

The Jewelry

The signature piece should be your earrings. In order to obtain the goddess look you will need long elegant earrings (the chandelier style).1090594224210840m 5_Glam_Crystal_Chandelier_Earrings

The possibilities are endless. Remember the empire dress( which is the usual cut for a greek dress) favors most of the figures….pretty good news isn’t it?!??!  Just play with the look , experiment, think outside the box. Why would you want to look like the cake on your wedding day?!? Let the cake be the cake, and eat it ( i am sure it will be fabulous)!