16 March 1969 – 11 February 2010


Alexander McQueen!   I think there is not much left that i can say  about  his brilliant work.  I found out about the designer’s death on Friday when my mom called and said to me : ” Alexander McQueen is dead , did you know who he  was ?”   After a few seconds of not saying anything because i couldn’t believe it , i said : ” Yes, one of my favourite designers”.  I hung up the phone, tears gathered at the corner of my eyes and i don’t think i said another word that night to anybody about it .

All i want to say  is  Thank You! Thank you to Alexander McQueen for  the great  dramatic collections he left behind, thank you for  inspiring me  when it comes to personal style, thank you ….. for everything!


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Elie Saab  Spring/ Summer 2010 Haute Couture Collection

I am speachless!  There are no words to describe Elie Saab’s work. Art at its best! I personaly think  a standing ovation is needed  for one of the best designers the world has ever seen!  Outstanding achievement!

Amazing Rome!

I am back from my vacation! Back to the  cruel reality, to the damn economic crisis….. ah it was a dream! We visited so many beautiful places and gathered so many nice memories! But from all the wonderful places i’ve seen, the one that struck me the most was Rome. I started missing it the second i left! And i think i will miss it everyday untill i will go back. It’s fabulous , absolutely amazing!  The thing i loved the most? Hmmm…….  I don’t think i can really say… Fontana di Trevi i think. ( ah..La dolce vita) 🙂

And ofcourse one of the things i wanted to see the most was The Colosseum…and i did! Rome is a very crowded city, but just not crowded enough to bother you. It’s full of turists! They are everywhere…  You breathe history at every corner there. If only i had the time to visit it all….  Ofcourse i could stay here and talk about Rome for hours and hours and hours, but this is not a travel blog.(Hmm , maybe i’ll start one)

Fashion is everywhere in Rome! And i mean everywhere! Every little street , no matter how short or narrow it’s packed with small boutiques. And they look extremly glam! No big malls, no department stores, and that makes shopping in Rome even more fabulous than it already is! Remember the famous Italian shoes that all the world craves for? Oh i’ve seen them and believe me they are worth craving for! And the labels….oh ladies, the labels are there! You name it, i’ve seen it! Valentino, Roberto Cavali, D&G, Prada, Versace, Gucci , Dior , Chanel , Trusardi, Hermes , Balenciaga , Vuitton , Fendi … shall i go on?!?!  But shopping in Rome is not all about labels and designers! And ladies, women in Rome hold the secret for looking great at any age. They really give a damn about what they wear. I think they are born with that amazing sense of fashion! And let me tell you , those ladies don’t necessarly follow trends or dress by the book, but they simply look fabulos like the city itself. It is a bit hard not to!  In Rome even if you buy from a shop that sells 20 euros clothing articles or 2000 euros clothes , you will look equaly stylish! Thet’s the beauty of Rome and its ladies. Oh, and don’t get me started on the jewellery! The most beautiful jewels in the world live in Italy! At some point ,i’ve actualy started looking for something i wouldn’t like rather then looking for something i would wear. That made scouting for jewellery stores alot faster! I didn’t find anything, i would have bought them all!

Like i said i could stay here and talk forever, instead i will show you some of the pictures we took in Rome, wich is simply, truly….eternal!FinePix6500 310

Piazza di Spagna ( up)

Fontana di Trevi- the most beautiful thing in the worldFinePix6500 318

The one and only….. The ColosseumFinePix6500 382

The genious of Elie Saab

I was cruising the net the other day looking for… i don’t know what i was looking for, and stumbeled upon the picture of a dress that absolutely took my breath away. elie saab

I was not surprised when i noticed that it was an Elie Saab design. The man is simply genious! I love his designs so much , i am starting to hate him…

For those who don’t know , ES is a Lebanese fashion designer . The thing that struck me the most is that everything he knows is self-trained. He satrted his own label at the age of 18 in Beirut. Another interesting fact is that he is the first non Italian designer to become a member of the Camera Nazionale della Moda in 1997.

He bacame on overnight success after he bacame the first Lebanese designer to dress an Oscar winner.And i think all you fashionistas out there can remeber Halle Berry and her burgundy gown.halle-berry_l

The collection that struck me the most was the one called “The sun of Lebanon”. The stunning spring/summer 2007 collection was inspired by the golden sun that shined upon Lebanon, while the country was at war. The collection was entirely redesigned after ES returned from a trip to Beirut during those troubled times. The designer totaly ignored the black and white trends pesented on catwalks in Milan , New York and Paris and presented all the evening gowns in gold, as an homage for the sun that shines over Beirut.Elie%20Saab%20Couture%20SS%202009FRANCE FASHIONarticle_12833

Still considered to be “the new kid on the block” in the haute couture industry, Elie Saab  never fails to deliver collections that flatter the female body , taking  femininity to a whole new level of perfection. Favored by Holywood royalty, celebrities like Beyonce, Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie  etc. wore his designs at A-list events. aishwara_rai_in_elie_saabangelina_jolie_brad_pitt_1beyonceatgrammy092108_marcia_200X400





Now please allow me to continue dreaming of this gowns , as for the moment i cannot afford one ( i don’t really think i’ll have where to wear it, but i do wish for such a creation *note to Santa*),and if some of you have in your closet a piece like this….oh well….i hate you!