16 March 1969 – 11 February 2010


Alexander McQueen!   I think there is not much left that i can say  about  his brilliant work.  I found out about the designer’s death on Friday when my mom called and said to me : ” Alexander McQueen is dead , did you know who he  was ?”   After a few seconds of not saying anything because i couldn’t believe it , i said : ” Yes, one of my favourite designers”.  I hung up the phone, tears gathered at the corner of my eyes and i don’t think i said another word that night to anybody about it .

All i want to say  is  Thank You! Thank you to Alexander McQueen for  the great  dramatic collections he left behind, thank you for  inspiring me  when it comes to personal style, thank you ….. for everything!


Trends Gone Bad !!!

One of the things i love the most in the world is to read while in the bathtub: anything from fashion magazines to novels to scientific publications. Yesterday , as i was enjoying  such a bath that would make even Cleopatra jealous, my happiness was rudely interrupted by an article in a fashion magazine ( i won’t give the name) that was two pages long and stated that the latest trend for spring / summer 2010 is “Twilight Grunge”. I think i almost drowned in my own  bathtub!!

Twilight Grunge…..  So..let me see if i got this straight: the clothes we use when we stay in the house because you don’t wanna see or be seen , the clothes we use when we are so depressed we don’t care what we put on and just open the closet and whatever falls in our hands is good, these clothes that i personaly hate , but i use from time to time,  now have a name … even more.. they are a trend..

OH..MY… GOD!!!!  Sure i really do wanna look like this every day for the next 6 or 7 months!

The fact is that secretly every woman i know wants to look like a crazy emo cracked-up whore ( me included)!

The sad part is that i actualy know a girl who dresses like this everyday , it is kind of close to me and it is disturbing for my fashion senses. Hurts my eyes when i see her!

Seriously  ladies, is this how be want to be seen in public?!?!?  What happened to our values when it comes to style? What do the great designers of this world work for ?!?!  What happened to the fashion magazines that used to give good advice?!?!? 

It is no secret that i hate Twilight ! But now… they really crossed the line as far as i am concerned ! Ok, i was ok with the whole ” Oh Edward ” mania, i was ok ( not really) with the vampire pussyfication , i think i finaly got over the fact that some fucking teenagers can have so much drama in their life (instead of having fun by playing world of warcraft and guitar hero till they drop), but the fact that Twilight is now a fashion trend  i just can’t get over !!!  

PS: Message for the fashion magazines!! If by any chance some editor reads this , i have something to tell them! Stop selling us crap in your publications! And please, stop ruinning my relaxing , luxurious baths  because of some incompetent fashion editor that has no ideea what the hell he’s talking about  ! 

Man! I picked the wrong day to quit smoking!!!!  By the way , ladies if you want to see art at its best when it comes to fashion , look for the Armani collection presented during Paris Fashion Week!


Oh… i was waiting for Rihanna  for a really long time! And here she is!! All those who know me , can testify that i am not her biggest fan…. The diva , because that is the look she adopted lately, likes to dare alot when it comes to style, hair and make-up. This is not a bad thing at all, and sometimes even pays off…. but just sometimes…

At the NRJ Awards in France she displayed a….. something…

The Jean Paul Gaultier ” dress” , it’s a mix of i can now safely identify  as a shimmering, metalic  fabric, and  something that looks like it was knitted by my 80 year old grandma.Or in this case Jean Paul Gaultier’s 80 year old grandma.

As for the ever changing hair…..  The mop look she had in France … Bleah!! It will make a nice toy for my cats though!

Rihanna  darling, you’re in France!!!Show some respect for what France really stands for in the fashion industry!  My God, woman!!!  Coco will roll over in her grave!!!

So.. a piece of advice.. Rihanna girl, you defenetly need to take this style into “rehab”, because baby it’s a disease!

PS: Screech this is especialy for you! Enjoy!

To be or not to be …. a vampire

I decided to let you guys know what burts my bubble lately : the whole Twilight  teenage mania. I am so sick and tired of it!  I mean what happened  to Anne Rice and Lestat?!?!?  These are the real vampire stories! Further more, in my country  vampires have an important place in history legends and folklore. And trust me when i say they have nothing to do with the emo, girly , pussyfied Edward! And come on let’s be serious , are they really expect me to believe that women out there prefere Rob Pattinson ( Edward) over Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in “Interview with a vampire”  or over Stuart Townsend in “Queen of the damned”?!?!?  Bloody hell!!!!  I mean if i will eventualy get bitten at least let it be from a sexy, seductive, extremly charming  ( Brad Pitt) vampire. If Edward would try and bite me, i would kick him and his entire family’s ass before that happens!  As for Lestat….. let’s just put it this way, i would volunteer!

Enough bitching around! They recently had the Twilight New Moon  Premiere in Los Angeles. On the red carpet , the guys were  far more interesting to watch than the female stars.

Taylor Launter – altough he admitted he had professional help in choosing his outfit , i gotta give him an A+. The blue Calvin Klein suit fits him perfectly. And i think Calvin Klein already started a new trend with the dark blue mens suit collection. I also love the fact that he’s wearing a tie rather than a bow. I hate bows !

Our very own star Rob Pattinson. I like the fact that he went for a grey suit. As much as i love the traditional black , the Twilight actors are very young  and the blue/ grey suits were a very good choice for them.





 Ah.. Bella…  Bella , Bella, Bella… I know you said on several ocasions that you love  jeans and t- shirts, but what the hell is this?!?! Haven’t you learned anything  from your Haprer’s Bazaar photo shoot?!?!?!  Sure the Oscar de la Renta gown is very nice , but in this case was a very unfortunate choice. Apart from this the hair is a disaster, no accesories…. emo make-up.. this is just bad!

Ashley Greene- Although i think this gown is more appropriate for the Oscars or the Grammys , i would still give her an A+. The ” famme fatale” look fits her perfectly.

Dakota Fanning in Valentino. No comment!

 The general ideea is that it wasn’t a fashion disaster. I’ve seen better , but i’ve also seen worse.In other news, i recently heard rummors about the fact that People Magazine should have chosen Rob Pattinson as the sexiest man alive in stead of Jonny Depp. If they want to start a war about who’s sexier Edward Cullen or Jack Sparrow , believe me i will be the one to lead Jonny’s army into battle!  

All this being said i have a small present for dear vampire Edward Cullen ( my dog has a bigger chance of  biting me). This little song i found on you tube is just for you darling… enjoy!

I am pround to announce…

That, an this brings me alot of happyness, a romanian designer entered fashion’s hall of fame, and was invited for a show during Paris fahion week. Good Job, Ingrid! It was about time somebody recognized Romania’s talented designers. 80020b3e05e4d53440bedfa4832c8b52

Ingrid Vlasov is the only romanian designer ever to be invited by Chambre Syndicale De La Haute Couture , to participate at such an event.( the designer is the one on the left). I hope more Romanian designers will be given the opportunity.

Disaster struck Ungaro house

My very stylish ears recently heard a disturbing rumor : Lindsay Lohan a designer for Ungaro fashion house! Disturbing isn’t it!?!?!  Unfortunatly the rumors turned out to be true!A model walks the runway Emmanuel Ungaro Pret a Porter show as part of the Paris Womenswear Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010 at Le Carrousel du Louvre on October 4, 2009 in Paris, France.6a00d8341c630a53ef0120a613628f970c-400wi





Major set back  for Ungaro as the spring/summer 2010 collection , presented during Paris Fashion Week, was trashed by the critics . The designers Estrella Archs and Lindsay Lohan ( the new creative director) displayed a dull hot orange and pink collection. As the models strutted down the runway ,i could not help but wonder how long would  Lindsay manage to hold on to her job as she failed to deliver the fresh young look  Ungaro hoped for. As the unfortunate collection was not enough , rumor has it that lead designer Esteban Cortazar is threatening to leave the company along with his team.

6a00d8341c630a53ef0120a5bcb966970b-350wiLindsay herself  displayed a not so young and fresh image at the fashion event. In this dark and troubled economical times one can only hope that the PR department of the company will manage to fix the “little”  blond problem they caused. Who knows maybe next we’ll hear Microsoft needs a fresh look too… 😀