And the Oscar goes to…

A splash of color and metallic accents, that’s how we can describe the 2011  Academy Awards Red Carpet. As I live far far away from the wonderful event that took place yesterday at The Kodak Theater, i had to watch it live on E Entertainment. I would give them a “C’ though for the coverage. Endless commercial breaks, i couldn’t see all the dresses right ( for example Helen Miller’s dress i only saw  from shoulders up), Ryan Seacrest forgot to ask the stars he interviewed who was the designer, and so on…. Bad, bad Seacrest! But enough with the bashing and let’s get down to business.

I present to you the best looks of the 2011 Academy Awards:

Mila Kunis in Elie Saab

Gwyneth Paltrow in Calvin Klein ( my favourite)

Cate Blanchet in Givenchy













Jennifer Hudson in Versace

Sandra Bullock in Vera Wang

Halle Berry in Marchesa












Hilary Swank in Gucci

Natalie Portman in Rodarte

Amy Adams in L'wren Scott












Jennifer Lawrence in Calvin Klein ( she stated she is an Oscar noobie)

Michelle Williams in Chanel

Scarlett Johansson in Dolce Gabbana



The alternative ending , you didn’t know it existed

The perfect ending for the beautiful , intoxicating , not at all passionate love between a pussy blood sucking, always looking high vampire and a pale, underaged girl. I am sure some law applies here….. Sucking  attempts against a minor….  maybe?

Amazing Rome!

I am back from my vacation! Back to the  cruel reality, to the damn economic crisis….. ah it was a dream! We visited so many beautiful places and gathered so many nice memories! But from all the wonderful places i’ve seen, the one that struck me the most was Rome. I started missing it the second i left! And i think i will miss it everyday untill i will go back. It’s fabulous , absolutely amazing!  The thing i loved the most? Hmmm…….  I don’t think i can really say… Fontana di Trevi i think. ( ah..La dolce vita) 🙂

And ofcourse one of the things i wanted to see the most was The Colosseum…and i did! Rome is a very crowded city, but just not crowded enough to bother you. It’s full of turists! They are everywhere…  You breathe history at every corner there. If only i had the time to visit it all….  Ofcourse i could stay here and talk about Rome for hours and hours and hours, but this is not a travel blog.(Hmm , maybe i’ll start one)

Fashion is everywhere in Rome! And i mean everywhere! Every little street , no matter how short or narrow it’s packed with small boutiques. And they look extremly glam! No big malls, no department stores, and that makes shopping in Rome even more fabulous than it already is! Remember the famous Italian shoes that all the world craves for? Oh i’ve seen them and believe me they are worth craving for! And the labels….oh ladies, the labels are there! You name it, i’ve seen it! Valentino, Roberto Cavali, D&G, Prada, Versace, Gucci , Dior , Chanel , Trusardi, Hermes , Balenciaga , Vuitton , Fendi … shall i go on?!?!  But shopping in Rome is not all about labels and designers! And ladies, women in Rome hold the secret for looking great at any age. They really give a damn about what they wear. I think they are born with that amazing sense of fashion! And let me tell you , those ladies don’t necessarly follow trends or dress by the book, but they simply look fabulos like the city itself. It is a bit hard not to!  In Rome even if you buy from a shop that sells 20 euros clothing articles or 2000 euros clothes , you will look equaly stylish! Thet’s the beauty of Rome and its ladies. Oh, and don’t get me started on the jewellery! The most beautiful jewels in the world live in Italy! At some point ,i’ve actualy started looking for something i wouldn’t like rather then looking for something i would wear. That made scouting for jewellery stores alot faster! I didn’t find anything, i would have bought them all!

Like i said i could stay here and talk forever, instead i will show you some of the pictures we took in Rome, wich is simply, truly….eternal!FinePix6500 310

Piazza di Spagna ( up)

Fontana di Trevi- the most beautiful thing in the worldFinePix6500 318

The one and only….. The ColosseumFinePix6500 382


In 2 weeks from now i am going on vacation. I am going on a cruise to be exact. First cruise of my life, so naturaly here comes my dilemma: what the hell am i going to pack?!? ( i don’t care about my husband, he must deal with his own luggage, i don’t have time to think of him now,i must focus on myself 🙂 Sorry baby! ). So after days of long meditation on the subject , i reached a conclusion: i have to pack light! ( like that will ever happen)…

So first things first:

Swimmwear – always pack at least 2 pairs of bikinibikini 1bikini 2bikini 3bikini 4bikini 5





Shorts – you will need shorts for daytime , and only for the pool area or when you visist towns. Remember if you will visit arabian countries during your cruise , women should wear long trousers for the trips to shore.shorts 1shorts 2shorts 3shorts 4

You must also pack t-shirts, sweatshirts and a light jacket , because when the ship will be at sea it will get very windy. Also depends alot of the period when you are taking the cruise and where (for example mediterranian wheather tends to get chilly in the morning and evening,in october and november).

Formal gowns- with the formal wear is a bit tricky. You must ask your travel agent about the dress code of the cruise company, because there are companies like the Norwegian cruise Line  that has a free style cruising policy  and so formal  wear is not  mandatory. But i would pack a nice cocktail dress and high heels just to be sure. If the cruise line you’re traveling with does have a dress code then you need the big guns ( aka gowns).rochie 1rochie 2rochie 3rochie 4rochie 5rochie 6





Beautiful gownsgown 1gown 2gown 3gown 4gown 5gown 6

I am pround to announce…

That, an this brings me alot of happyness, a romanian designer entered fashion’s hall of fame, and was invited for a show during Paris fahion week. Good Job, Ingrid! It was about time somebody recognized Romania’s talented designers. 80020b3e05e4d53440bedfa4832c8b52

Ingrid Vlasov is the only romanian designer ever to be invited by Chambre Syndicale De La Haute Couture , to participate at such an event.( the designer is the one on the left). I hope more Romanian designers will be given the opportunity.

Good old clean FUN!

I thought since i am already in a grumpy extremly critical and judgemental state of mind  we could have some fun with the huge mistakes celebrities do every once in a while.

So … the nominees  are:

lucyiu1REX2401_923x1000Lucy Liu-  This is actually fresh from the Paris Fashion Week. Miss Liu appeared in this stunning gown for the Valentino show!  WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!?!? I am pretty sure the marshmallow coat? sleeves? cape? cloak? made an impression! Valentino himself was green with envy ! “How come i didn’t think of that ?!?!?” he declared  to some really close friends. Hey Lucy, maybe u can pass it on to Harry Potter because i heard he is looking for a Not -so-invisible-cloak!

fashion-disaster carryThe one and only….”Carrie Bradshaw”.   That’s it! I got! Sorry readers , i misleaded you! I was just informed that the marshmallow is the new must have for fall/winter 2010. Come to think of it, it is a practical trend. While it can be used as a fancy accssesory,giving you the puffy look you’ve always dreamed of, it can also satisfy your instant need for sweets!madonna-louis-vuitton-met-gala-2009-3

We all love Madonna! We love her music and recognize her as the Queen of Pop ( she truly is). But what the hell was she thinking?!?!?!?!  I don’t think my 5 year old niece would wear that dress. Oh ..but i love the blue hair thingy..whatever that is. It has that, i wanted to look like a bunny but all they had left were this alien looking ears, kinda look. I think they will make a very interesting  X-File  for Fox Mulder, don’t you?gallery_main-lindsay-lohan-boots-soho-08212009-13

Well, if it isn’t my good old friend Lindsay Lohan! Love her outfit! As a matter of fact, i am green with envy, because i too wake up everyday with a thought ” how can look like a cracked up whore today”, but i never quite manage to obtain the look. EVER! I’m getting a bit frustrated. I think i will give her a call for some advise…maybe she can even give me that fabulous pair of white boots?!? In your face Jack Sparrow!